The Tyrol - a land of history, of mountains and of nature. Seasons change but the fascination and beauty of the region remains the same.

Let Tyrol Guide help you discover the many sides of this beautiful region of Europe. If you are looking for historic cities, spectacular scenery and a culture rich in tradition, we can help you encounter the best that the Tyrol has to offer. Book your guiding service with Tyrol Guide.

A Qualified Walking Guide

Add an extra dimension to your mountain experience with an expert, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. As a qualified walking guide, teacher and ski instructor - and with years of experience in the travel business - Mary is the perfect choice if you are looking for someone to show you the mountain treasures of the Tyrol. Many grades and durations of walks are possible in the area, from half-day hikes in the immediate area or multi-day treks from hut-to-hut. Visiting the area in the winter? Why not try snowshoe walking - a great way to experience the silence of the woods and mountains in the snow. Find out more about booking Mary as your walking guide in Tyrol.

An Experienced Tour Guide

Guiding bus groups around Europe takes a special mixture of skills - an enthusiastic and knowledgeable voice on the microphone, a cheerful personality at the end of a long day and the experience to be able to solve any of the day-to-day challenges that can appear on an extensive itinerary. With plenty of tours under her belt in the countries of central and northern Europe, Mary is a natural choice for travel companies and tour groups looking for a top-class guide. Find out more about booking Mary as your tour guide in Europe.

A Knowledgeable Excursion Guide

A successful day excursion is a testimony to the versatility of the coach guide. Whether the destination is a glacier ski resort, a historic castle or the top shopping spots in one of Europe's cities, a good excursion guide will have the skills to pace the day and provide enough information with sufficient time at leisure to keep all members of the group happy. Mary's considerable experience as an excursion guide for travel companies and as a freelance coach guide makes her a popular choice for both local companies and for tour groups looking for a day or two out in a particular area of Europe. Find out more about booking Mary as your excursion guide in Austria and Germany.

Book a Guide that Knows Tyrol

Whatever your guiding requirements are, whether you are a family looking for something special on your vacation, or a travel company looking to operate excursions or tours in central Europe, Tyrol Guide can answer any questions you have and maybe suggest some options to help you make the time in the Tyrol as satisfying as possible. Look at the options that are open to you:

  • Winter - Christmas markets and walks in the snow-covered countryside
  • Spring - meadows filled with alpine flowers and a chance to explore the popular city sights in relative peace
  • Summer - village festivals and exciting mountain walks
  • Autumn - traditional events like the bringing down of the cattle from the mountains, or the local wine and beer festivals